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Our Staff

Executive Board Members 2023

General Chairman: Karen Juilfs

Vice Chair: Ralph Berumen

2nd Vice Chair: Phyllis Mitchum

Appointed: Jennifer Johnson

Elected: Francis Murillo, Ralph Berumen

Office: 707-448-4613, Karen Juilfs 707-628-5494,

Phyllis Mitchum 707-592-1525

Treasurer: TBD

Committee Chairpersons 2023

Beer and Wine: Karen Juilfs

Car Show: Karen Juilfs

Carnival: Ken Johnston and Gordon Johnston

Diaper Derby: Jennifer Johnson, Jessica Grech

Entertainment and Music: Karen Juilfs

Essay Contest: Ralph Berumen

Family Fun Zone: TBD

Food Vendors: Phyllis Mitchum

Hispanic Day: Ralph Berumen and Orlando Rios

Jail House: TBD

Kick-Off BBQ: Phyllis Mitchum

Margaritas: Fiesta Days Staff

Marketing/Brand: Christian Adsuara, Phyllis Mitchum

Merchandise: TBD

Pageant/Talent: Carole Warren

Parade Executive Chairman: Christina Love

Park: Karen Juilfs, Ralph Berumen, Phyllis Mitchum

Pepper and Onion Eating: Ralph Berumen

Photo/Poster Contest: Karen Juilfs, Phyllis Mitchum

Raffle: Jessica Grech

Security Day: TBD

Security Night: TBD

Store Decorating: Executive Board

Fiesta Days Idol: Fiesta Days Staff

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