2021 Carnival

Crazy Surf
The Crazy Surf is one of the few rides in the industry that not only goes up and down and in circles (circles: the one element common to almost all carnival rides), but this ride has a side to side motion that sets it apart from other rides and gives the riders a completely different sensation. They come back for more!
The Zipper has undoubtedly become the most requested and popular carnival ride of all times by the thrill seeking patrons. They line up for this sensational ride. It has become their self endurance test to gauge who has what it takes to conquer the Zipper.
Spin Out
The Newest attraction is here and it's the talk of the town. Spin Out is "terror-ific" and excitement all rolled into one. The ride will spin you around while rotating you on your head and back again. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before. It takes carnival rides to a whole new level. If you aren't convinced take a look at the video to the right
The Flying Ace
The flying aces allows the pilot to control how high he wants to fly. The kids decide how much of a daredevil they want to be. Fly high fly low just fly!!
Chase Combo
The Chase Combo kiddie car ride is built by Hampton Rides, inc. the most successful kiddie ride in the company of all times. We have a few of their kiddie rides because of their endurance, safety and long term popularity. Kids love these rides .
The TORNADO has the unique combination of speed and rider participation. As riders are sopun up and down through the air they have the ability to add to their THRILL by spinning their own carriage as fast as the want.
Dizzy Dragons
Dizzy Dragons Spin and Spin and enjoy the ride this ride makes you Dizzy!!!
Super slide
The super slide compliments any carnival by accenting the fact that in all reality the carnival is a Great big Playground, for kids of all ages. The super slide is the most popular toy in the park because It’s fast!!
Magic Dragon
The MAGIC DRAGON is a family coaster that will take you up, around and through a cork screw and then bring you back again for MORE FUN!!!
Grand Gondola
Towering at ALMOST 70 FEET the GRAND GONDALA with almost 4 thousand LED lights that will give a beautiful 360º view of your Fair
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